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We have so many great ideas to make our school better and we know you do too. BUT, it takes more than ideas. Please consider joining us in this good work. All individuals that volunteer in the building must be approved by the district. It's easy, just click the link below.


You must be an approved volunteer to sign-up for these events. Please use the "Volunteer Application" link above to fill out your application.

Glow Run Kick-off Pep Rally 2/21/24

Glow Run Celebrations, prizes and t-shirts 2/22/24 - 3/8/24

Glow Run set up 3/7/24

Glow Run Event 3/8/24

Email for more information or to volunteer for Glow Run opportunities.

Open House 3/5/24

Fifth Grade Appreciation 

Email for more information ,


PTO Board

Please join us. The more of us, the more we can accomplish.


Hospitality - Get to know our teachers by planning great meals and treats for them throughout the year. You will be given a budget and the rest is up to you.

Fifth Grade Appreciation - Raise money throughout the year and throw and awesome party as a final send-off for our 5th graders. 

Open House - Plan drinks and snacks to sell at fall and spring open house. Proceeds add a little cushion to our budget.

Social Media - This position can be done completely at home and on-the-go. Our board members send requests for posting. You will post to instagram/Facebook and answer questions sent to those platforms when needed.

Sponsorship Coordinator - Also can be done completely at home. We need someone to reach out to the community to ask for sponsorships. You can have creative freedom as to how this is done.

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