What is PTO?


What is PTO?
PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. It is a group of parents whose sole purpose is to raise funds to help support and enrich their school’s programming, facility, and community.

What does PTO fund?
Each year, PTO pays for enrichment programs, hospitality lunches for the entire staff, special programs, and much more. And if we’re lucky enough to have a surplus at the end  the year, we put it toward the goal of a major purchase (technology upgrades, playground equipment, etc.)

Why is it important to participate in PTO fundraisers?
It’s a simple as this: If PTO doesn’t raise enough money every year to cover the cost of their budget, then they have to make budget cuts for the following year. That means wonderful assets to the school such as the library, music, art, the science lab, and hospitality luncheons that the teachers are so grateful for – all those things suffer because of lack of funds. If we want our school to be the best possible environment for our children, it is up to us to make it as such.

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